The Monster Achieve 100 AirLinks Bluetooth Headphones is one of the best products Aditek can offer. We can proudly say that it is an exceptional item that is powerful enough to make a difference. The Monster team, together with the mega-popular Noel Lee, are the creators and producers of these trendy bluetooth headphones. And here is why you should invest in these quality headphones.

MONSTER® Achieve 100 AirLinks Bluetooth Headphones

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Cutting-edge Audio Processor

The cutting-edge audio processor enhances deep bass and raises the standard of the bluetooth headphones’ mids and highs. Its proficient driver increases the soundscape of the music while keeping remarkable precision. As well as crystal-clear quality over the full range of frequencies. The latest version is bluetooth 5.0, and it offers a widespread wireless range, quicker and more stable connection. Once you connect the device, you ought to select MFB twice to activate the extremely useful digital assistant. 

Collaboration to enjoy stereophonic sound is encouraged. As an alternative, in the interest of choice or safe driving, only use one earbud at a time. Opposite of previous edition or some popular brand names, these types of bluetooth headphones offer HiFi sound quality while listening to music and making phone calls.

The audio on this item is outstanding, mostly the bass. As soon as you make the connection, it becomes absolutely flawless. We have to point out that it is so remarkable that you will have the opportunity to listen to some instruments on old familiar tunes that you had probably never noticed before. 

Super Versatile and Adaptable Design

The super adaptable design of this gadget ensures a secure and comfortable fit that everyone will experience. These Bluetooth headphones can fit, as well as stay tight, inside the ear canal when moving around a lot. We believe that you will not experience any discomfort once properly fitted. 

These extra trendy bluetooth headphones are a great way to cancel out noise and sound around you wherever you are. With the use of clever button sensors, you can easily answer calls, switch through songs, and enable other tasks with just the touch of a button. 

Ear tips come in various sizes (S, M, and L) which will deliver a perfect fit for any wearer. These bluetooth headphones are entirely waterproof, allowing you to use them in many situations. Making these wireless earbuds ideal for sports, jogging, or working out. These bluetooth headphones come with an IPX5 qualification, which can withstand light water spray and splash, however, they cannot be submerged partially or completely in water.

Different Modes

The double mode/single mode allows you to use either of them as you see fit. You don’t really need any special skills to utilize Bluetooth headphones. All you need to know is that the wireless earphones connect directly with your preferred devices after you open the charging port. Turn on your phone’s bluetooth capability, search “Monster Achieve 100 AirLink,” and then click to pair.

When connecting for the second time, simply remove the earphones, and they will reconnect to the most recently connected Bluetooth device, making it quick and easy for you. Enjoy clear, high-fidelity sound as bluetooth 5.0 allows for speedier pairing and a more reliable, efficient Wi-Fi connection.

Listening Time

Monster Achieve 100 AirLinks Bluetooth Headphones can stream songs for up to six hours on just a single full charge, and a pocket-sized charger can increase playtime by up to 18 hours.

The USB-C quick charge technology eliminates the need to search for charging cables with varying specs.

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Easy to Use

To turn on or to turn off the power, you need to press and hold the unique MFB button for about 5 seconds. If you want to pause the music or play the music, you just need to press MFB. Short press MFB to answer or end a call. To reject a call, long press MFB for roughly 2 seconds. 

Press and hold MFB for roughly 2 seconds to play the next song (right earbud). Press and hold MFB for roughly 2 seconds for the previous song (left earbud). Fast double-press on MFB increases the volume (right earbud), and fast double-press MFB reduces volume (left earbud).


The MONSTER® Achieve 100 AirLinks Bluetooth Headphones have a lot to bring to the table and are sincerely worth every penny you pay. To admit, this top-ranked gadget is immensely powerful and a value for money. You are guaranteed top quality sound with these headphones, and with ease of use, you won’t regret getting this product. We strongly recommend buying these bluetooth headphones, as once you have them, you will wonder how you managed to live without them before!