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At Aditek Distribution, we only partner with the best quality brands for you. These brands include: Belkin, Cleanlab, Ecolab, MONSTER®, and REWYRE. We carefully select the brands that offer the best service and products for users. We have a passion for excellence, and we are proud to say that our brands and products are nothing short of exceptional.


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About Aditek Distribution

Aditek is located in Melbourne, Australia, but we are available Australia-wide. With broad recognition and commitment, we strive at being the best in Australia to provide market-leading mobile lifestyle and health-oriented products to all Australian consumers and retailers. We distribute and market products on behalf of leading vendors to deliver the best products for your pleasure.

We have a dedicated team that radiates hard work and trust, to help find the best quality and innovative products for you, and we can ship to nearly any address within Australia. Our main objective is to become your number one supplier of choice.

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Here at Aditek, we are always looking for opportunities to form and expand the partnership with our customers. Aditek Distribution specializes in distribution, warehousing, and logistics in the ANZ region and servicing wholesale customers. While we are focused on distributing and marketing products on behalf of our leading vendors, we also aim to deliver the best solutions for today’s business, corporate, and online retail environments. Providing our partners with the broadest reaching sales channels, while delivering quality products for a vast network of clients is at the core of what we do.

By forming strategic partnerships, we are proactive in implementing new and original strategies on the market, and consistently offer energetic and exciting incentives to stay competitive, while maintaining the positive relationships we have built with our trusted customers.

If you are looking to purchase wholesale, partnering with us sounds like an excellent idea.

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