Monster Open Ear Lite+

$69.99 inc GST

The super-elastic memory titanium head beam supports 360-degree bending. The use of non-in-ear open acoustic technology can not only feel the surging electric sound, but also does not affect the monitoring of the surrounding environment; Bluetooth 5.3 chip, signal anti-interference, clearer sound, more stable calls; directional sound transmission technology, protect privacy without sound leakage; earphones Weighing only 16 grams, it is compact and lightweight, making it easy to wear. Long-lasting battery life, 6 hours of playback, 8 hours of talking; one-button touch, efficient and fast.

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This MONSTER MH22154 bone conduction wireless Bluetooth sports headset is a new 360-degree open sports Bluetooth headset, painless and comfortable to wear, with strong bass effect, IPX5 waterproof, sweatproof and splashproof, a must for sports runners.