This revolutionary dual alarm clock wireless charger with UV sterilizer helps you sanitize your phone and charge it all at the same time. This alarm clock comes with safe and useful UV light to sterilize phones and similar smart items. The modern Qi offers a fast charging pad for devices that are compatible to use this product. This 3-in-1 device is practical for both teens and adults. 

Alarm Clock Wireless Charger Sterilizer

Dual Alarm Clock with UV Sterilizer Benefits

The wireless charging alarm clock has dual alarms. It features a one-touch snooze operation and a battery backup.

This modern item features an integrated UV-C light whose job is to kill up to 99.97 % of surface bacteria and germs successfully and to promote health and reduce the risk of bacteria and germ infection effectively. 

The UV sterilizer alarm clock enables you to sterilize smart watches, smartphones, and other smart items easily. It can effectively sanitize smart devices’ surfaces in 10 minutes. There is a ringtone that shows when disinfection is completed. Using this 3-in-1 device, you will avoid using liquids, heat, or harmful chemicals.

Abolishing the inconvenient complicated charging cables, this UV sanitizer alarm clock comes with a Qi-compatible charging base. Additionally, it has a handy USB charging port, which makes it even more practical. I have to mention that this innovative alarm clock stand has a perfect design and is suitable for Android phones, notebooks, charging tablets, and iPhones.

Best Features

  • The package includes one alarm clock and one USB-C charging cable. 
  • It has a 5V USB input and output. The charging distance is four to eight mm. 
  • This 3-in-1 stylish design has a wireless output of 100W. 
  • This stylish 3-in-1 device is 19.2 cm long, 12.2 cm wide, and 8 cm high from the outside. Inside it is 17.5 cm long, 9.4 cm wide, and 5.1 cm high.
  • Dual alarm clock wireless charger with UV sterilizer has a one-year manufacturer warranty.
  • This 3-in-one device is a must-have. Buy it as soon as possible and enjoy its benefits. 

Wake Up On Time and Never Be Late

These practical dual alarms can help you set your wake-up schedule for both weekends and workdays, or you also have an option to choose the same start time for Monday to Sunday.  It means that you do not need to set the alarm once on Sunday evening for the weekdays and once on Friday evening for the weekend. 

UV Steriliser Alarm Clock Melbourne

What’s even more practical, you can snooze your alarm clock for an additional five minutes of sleep. All you need to do is to tap anywhere on the alarm clock surface. Sounds easy, right? You can snooze it up to three times for each of the set alarms. The dual alarm clock wireless charger with UV sanitizer has a backup battery. It means that your alarm sounds and wake-up schedule are preserved even if there is a problem with electricity. So, you will never miss an alarm because of an electricity problem.

This UV sanitizer has a perfect size and friendly design, so it can fit on all types of nightstands and small tables.

It has an elegant black color and can perfectly fit any teen or adult bedroom. This dual alarm is simple and easy to read. Yes, this alarm has big, easy-to-read numbers. You can set to show 12-hour time using am/pm indicators or you can set 24-hour time. 

You can adjust the brightness using the minus and plus buttons. Moreover, it promotes good sleep, and if you need, you can also turn off the display. You can also add your favorite channel or station as the alarm ringtone. You also have an option to adjust alarm volume as soon as the alarm rings.


As we have already pointed out, this dual alarm clock with UV sanitizer is compatible with Qi and USB-C-enabled devices. Alarm clock problems will become past when you use this model. This functional 3-in-1 device is very stylish. It combines a digital alarm clock, a UV sterilizer lamp, and a Qi wireless charger.

This item enables you to charge up your smartphones, tablets, and smart watch. This UV sanitizer disinfects up to 99.97% of bacteria and germs while you sleep. It is made of ABS material, so it safe for all smart devices.